About me

My name is Blair Feeney, I am a local business man and community activist and have lived and worked my entire life in West Sligo.  I reside in Dromore West, and along with 24 local staff I run Feeney’s Filling Station and Cost Cutters Supermarket.

“My aim is to leave this world a better place and in better shape for future generations.”

I firmly believe that the key to change is to start at grass roots, I have therefore been involved in community and voluntary groups in the area. I have both chaired the meeting and swept the streets, I have eagerly sponsored local teams and clubs and cheered on from many a side-line.

Coming from a farming background has given me a deep understanding of the problems facing the farming community and in turn rural Ireland. Every day we encounter situations where our rural status appears to work against us.  I want to find accessible ways to assist farmers and rural dwellers to get the best out of the unique landscape of the North West.

For over thirty years I have been serving the community and I am totally accessible to everyone in the community.  In that way I have been able to assist so many constituents on a wide variety of issues, be it childcare, care of the elderly, social welfare, housing, health services, the needs of the
disabled, mental health issue, you name it.  I find it is all about listening to people and having an open mind towards their needs.
“What is an issue for one, may not be an issue for another – big or small, it’s always great to help others.”

I am a committed family man. I am married to Anne and we have 2 teenage boys, Cormac and Lorcan, who are all involved in the family business.  In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family and my mother, Mary. When I am not working or involved in a community activity, I can be found
supporting the local area – whether it be attending sporting matches, going to agricultural shows, shopping at a farmer’s market or just taking a stroll along one of West Sligo’s beaches or walks.
“It’s all about “Keeping it Local” – supporting local people, local enterprises, local community!”

I am available by appointment in Dromore West, should you need to meet me. Or you can reach me at 087 3744875 or by emailing blairfeeney1234@gmail.com.