Election 2019

Throughout the years, many people have called on me for help with community and personal issues.  I have sat on many boards and worked with numerous community and voluntary groups and have been serving the community of West Sligo as a community activist for the past 30 years.

I feel the next step of progression to help benefit the people of West Sligo, would be to represent them at Local Government level.  Help me to be the voice of West Sligo. I am ready to represent the local villages, communities, organisations and build a strong future brick by brick.
“There is always a local solution, for local problems.”

My interest in farming and rural life goes hand in hand with my day to day work that of running a business in Dromore West. This has afforded me a unique opportunity to meet with and listen to the people on a daily basis. I hear their concerns, I hear their problems, I am listening.
“We think we know what people’s needs are, but we don’t unless we ask them.”

I have been working hard on the ground – liaising with rural community groups, speaking with business people, trying to promote the area to encourage people to come to live and work in Sligo and the North West. With over 30 years’ experience in business sector, I have significant senior
management skills, knowledge of corporate governance and understand financial planning, which I feel will be a great benefit to Sligo County Council.

“I cannot do this without you.”

I ran in the last local election in 2014, and narrowly missed representing you as a County Councillor by ONE Vote. I am only too aware of the importance of the voice of the people, and that every ONE person’s voice should be heard. And that every ONE person’s vote counts. I am asking for your vote in this election, and I am grateful of any support you can give me on the May 24 th .